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Nursing Services

Nursing services is the largest department in the hospital and has continued to provide efficient and effective services to patients in line with organisational and departmental objectives. The department is able to achieve her goals through adequate training and retraining of members of Nursing staff.

Academic Activities

  • The department observed both internal and external academic activities.
  • The training is in various courses. Some of the staff members are sponsored by Juth management and many are self sponsored all for capacity building.
  • There is weekly seminar presentations for Nurses on different topics organised by the Education unit of the department

Our Services

Nurses are available in all the clinics such the

  • Medical outpatient department
  • Surgical outpatient department
  • Antenatal clinics
  • Family planning clinic
  • Oncology clinic
  • General outpatient department
  • Paediatric outpatient
  • Sexually Transmission infection clinic
  • Dental clinic
  • Opthalmology clinic
  • ENT clinic
  • Infectious unit
  • Education unit

Doctors In Family Medicine Department